About Bol

The island itself has a wonderful setting with restaurants and bars along the sea-front.

The tourist season starts in May and lasts until October. The peak is 5th of August when also the famous Bol Fiesta takes place.

Fancy and every year more trendy Bol is the most famous summer resort of the Adriatic. It is located on the south side of the Brac island, one of the sunniest islands in Dalmatia. It is also well known for its outdoor activities since it has many bicycles routes, diving sports with shipwrecks, climbing spots, perfect weather condition for windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing from April until November and a beautiful pebble beach Zlatni rat, also called Golden Horn.

Bol stretches few kilometers along the coast. The sea in front of it is crystal clear, sometimes bright turquoise, other times transparent green.

With its unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, and perfectly developed sport’s offers, Bol is still just a small coastal town with its authentic Dalmatian charm. It has only 1600 inhabitants, that live mostly from and for tourism. People in Bol traditionally lived as farmers (vineyards and olive groves), fisherman and sailors, but for the last few decades, they noticed that more and more people are falling in love with their magical town so they turned towards tourism.

Bol has a great offer of restaurants, cocktail bars, sports centers (26 tennis court, 3 windsurfing centers, kite surfing center, 2 scuba diving centers, many mountain bike rentals and trails, quad rentals) and over 60.000 square meters of beautiful beaches.

Bol is also well known for its hospitality and friendliness of locals, so it is easy to make friends here. Since the friendliness is in the air, other tourists are more open and lean toward making friends with strangers, so often you return from your holidays in Bol with a couple of new friends, at least on Facebook.

Bol is also a proud owner of the world famous Zlatni rat beach, which happens to be the most used motif on Croatia marketing materials for promoting holidays in Croatia. Another thing Bol is well known for is its thermal winds that blow almost every day throughout spring and summer months, which makes Bol a perfect spot for windsurfing, kite surfing, and sailing.

The thing about Bol is once you come for a visit, you keep coming back. It just gets into your blood with all this positive sports energy in the air and breathtaking beauty of nature!