Bol is such magical place mostly because it has gorgeous beaches. One of the most beautiful attractions of the Adriatic is the beach Zlatni rat (also called Golden Horn). Besides a cocktail bar with comfortable sunbeds, you can get adventurous with paragliding or banana and tube riding there, or you can just chill on the pebble, enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie and a refreshing watermelon, cut in pieces in front of your eyes. However, if you just need a place to contemplate and meditate, Bol also has many beautiful hidden beaches and corners of peace, where you can relax, feel the freedom and connection to Nature. Naturists are also welcomed at many secluded and official Bol beaches. All beaches are accessible either by foot (from the center take a walk on a beautiful shaded promenade by the sea to reach most of the popular beaches), a bicycle, scooter, car (there is a parking area near the Zlatni rat beach), little taxi boats starting from town center and even cute little touristic trains, departing from Zlatni rat to the town center.

Zlatni rat

Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) is among Europe’s most famous beaches It was named as one of the top ten best beaches in the world by Lonely Planet in 2009. Like a small tongue, it extends nearly half a kilometer into the crystal clear transparent blue sea, forming a shape of a tongue. Both sides have together almost 900 meters of pebble beach sea line. The area of the beach is over 20.000 square meters and is partly covered with pine trees, where cocktail bars, fruit, pancake and sandwich stands are.

Zlatni rat beach is also known as a mecca for windsurfers and those in love with kitesurfing since warm summer breeze of the Mistral wind blows gently almost every day during summer months. This is also why you can comfortably sunbathe as the wind gently cools you down and you get a false feeling that the sun is not so strong.

Other exciting sports you can enjoy there are banana rides, tubes, water skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing. There are rental motor boats that you can rent and explore Bol’s secluded beaches, reachable only with a boat. On Zlatni rat beach you can take your family on a paddle boat with slides or kayaks and explore the fascinating coastline. One of the children’s’ favorite activities on the Zlatni rat beach is jumping into the waves, created by the warm summer winds.

Zlatni rat is the winner of “Best beaches of Croatia” in the following categories: best family beach, best nudist beach, best windsurfing beach, best romantic beach, best beach promenade and best party beach!

Borak beach

Another famous pebble beach just a stroll away from Zlatni rat. Here you can go scuba diving, play tennis or beach volleyball. A very dedicated, passionate diving school Big blue can be found there where they teach you how to dive. There are also restaurants on this beach, as well as ice cream and a delicious sandwich shop. On the top of the beach there is a very cozy and relaxing cocktail beach bar, where you can enjoy a fresh orange juice and surf the internet with the free Wi-fi service.



FKK nudist beach

One of the most known naturist beach in Bol is Paklina, located a little further down the coast (west) from the famous Zlatni rat (“Golden Horn”) beach. You can access it directly from the Zlatni rat beach (you have to climb down over rocks) or walk elegantly through a pine tree forest at the path along the sea. There you can enjoy a relaxing day getting a full body tan. Naturist section is pebbled and if you like more private places keep walking to the west (all beaches are connected) where some nice small pebble and rocky coves can be found, and some say they are even more beautiful as the Zlatni rat beach. Other naturist beaches on the island can be found on the east coast, between Supetar and Sumartin.


Martinica beach

On the other side of Bol (east from the center) is another beautiful beach called Martinica near the Dominican monastery. This pebble beach is very popular among families with small children, as it it pebbles too. The best thing about it that it has with a stunning view of the botanical garden in the monastery and the islands across Brac. Man-made mystical paths surrounding the beach give even more charm to Martincica beach.



Secret coves and beaches

If you enjoy the intimacy of your own family or would like to enjoy your sun and sea bathing in a more relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, rent a small boat and explore a beautiful Brac seaside around Bol. There are many attractive, secluded beaches and hidden coves, where you can also sunbathe in a nudist way and occasionally jump into the crystal clear sea to refresh – it is an amazing feeling of freedom and enjoyment! For renting a boat take a look here.