The scent of medicinal sage and rosemary under the sunny slopes and chirring of crickets is the deepest primeval music of Brac Island. Get to know it and  we guarantee you that you will keep coming back like a sailor comes back to his favorit port.

  1. Zmajeva špilja (Dragon’s Cave)
  2. Blaca Hermitage Monastery
  3. Island of Hvar and Pakleni islands
  4. Vidova Gore (Vidal’s Mount)
  5. Island of Korčula
  6. City of Dubrovnik
  7. Krka Falls and City of Šibenik
  8. Rafting in Cetina
  9. Horse riding in Cetina

1. Dragon’s cave (Zmajeva spilja)

Zmajeva spilja (Dragon’s cave) is situated on the south side of the island, underneath the cliffs of Vidova gora and over the village of Murvica. It can be reached by the picturesque walking path (around 40 min. walk).

The historians haven’t  yet established when or who made this rare monument, but its cultural and artistic (and secret!) value is not in question. Inside the cave there are many reliefs of figures from the Slavic mythology and Christianity made in the very stone of the cave.

The dominant figure is one with the dragon and the cave was named after it. The eremites who lived here long time ago probably enjoyed beautiful nature and the panoramic view as well as today’s visitors who are coming to see this mysterious cave. Nearby there are several abandoned monasteries which are also worth visiting.

2. Blaca Hermitage Monastery

The Blaca desert, once a famous desert of the Glagolitic-monks and later an astronomical observatory, you will experience wilderness of the nature. The position of the monastery, historical value, old church, museum and a magnificent view is usually the most often used words of visitors. After you park your car you still have 2,5 kilometers to walk uphill (allow 40 minutes and good sports shoes) to reach it through a shaded nature, since it is very off road and hidden. One has a feeling that the monastery is a part of the rock, since it stretches out from the rock. It is a very impressive view.

Desert Blaca is situated on the west side of the mountain Vidova gora. Blaca has great cultural, scientific and architectural importance, not only for the island Brac then for the whole of Dalmatia. Desert Blaca is actually an eremitical monastery which was founded by the Glagolitic priests from the mainland who escaped the Turks around year 1550. After the permission of the island authorities to settle down on this area, throughout the centuries this simple cave shelter of Ljubitovica became monastic and economic complex of great importance.

The priests lived independently over 400 years till 1963 when the last priest died and the monastery turned into a museum. Monastery Blaca was built in an interesting position hidden between high cliffs of the canyon and this gives it a mysterious charm. Within the monastery there is a church, then a school for children, a library with nearly 8000 books on 5 languages, an astronomical observatory and other interesting objects.

The monastery of Blaca will surely surprise you with its beauty and history, so don’t miss to visit this exceptional locality.

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3. Hvar and the famous islands Pakleni otoci

Island of Hvar is one of beautiful islands in Adriatic. In this excursion you can visit old town, enjoy and swim in crystal blue see of National Park “Pakleni Otoci”. Spend a day in the sunniest town on the Adriatic coast and stroll along the main Hvar promenade, where all the jet set gathers during the summer! Drink a coffee or visit one of the restaurants beneath the city walls to experience the local food and a Mediterranean summer chill-out in one of the most fancy places in Croatia.

You can take a walk to the fortress from the 16th century, which gives you a magnificent view of Hvar and the Pakleni islands.

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4. Vidova Mount & Condition climbing                     

“Jaw dropping view over the coast from the top of Vidova Mount!”

If you are feeling active, Vidova Gora, the highest point on the island, is just behind Bol and gives fabulous views across the Dalmatian coast.

Vidova mount is the highest mountain on Adriatic island which is 778 m high. It’s was given by a little church saint Vida from 13 or 14 century. People from Brač are visiting that mountain from ancient time and there are lots of fantastic stories about all Slavic God Svevid. Long before Slavic arrival Iliris had castle on the top of Vidova Mountain.

Today there we can fine tavern with stoned table with unique view to the south. Deep down there are lots of green fields and beautiful beach cold “Zlatni Rat” (Gold Cape). Besides the restaurant, there are also the ruins of an old church, a huge cross and some electronic radio masts. This is a great walk on a few hours away from the beach. Alternatively, you can drive up through the pine trees to the top (35 minutes).

If you decide to go to Vidova Gore, you can do it on foot, since it is a lovely walk up (allow 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down). Start at the supermarket on the Bol-Supetar road. It’s a winding stone path up past vineyards to the top of the 778 m high mountain, where you will have a fantastic panorama of the area, Hvar and the Zlatni Rat beach.

It is definitely worth the drive (or walk) up the mountain to see Zlatni Rat from the highest peak on Brac Island. You are among the clouds and have a stunning view of the entire bay!