How to reach us?

There are many ways to come, quickest being the Brac airport, 20-minute ride by car from Bol. The other way would be by far larger Split airport and then be taking a boat or ferry. You can also come here with your sailing boat while cruising the Adriatic Sea or you can rent a motorboat in Split Harbor.

More about reaching us

Fly to Split

The most usual way to get to Bol is by boat from Split Harbor, which is easily reached on the frequent buses from Split Airport (40 min, 5 EUR per person) or with a taxi that cost around 40 EUR. From Split harbor you can embark a ferry, that takes you to the town called Supetar on Brac island (50 minutes ferry drive). From Supetar, you will need another 40 minutes’ drive to reach Bol with a bus or a taxi.

If you take ferry later in the evening (the last one departs at 23.59), you will have to take a taxi since there are no buses after 7pm. Taxi from Supetar to Bol costs around 50 EUR, but there are also Van taxis for 8 people, and you can share a van with 7 other people for 8 EUR per person to Bol.

The best way to reach Bol is with a direct catamaran line from Split to Bol, but it only operates once a day at 16.00 (1-hour drive to Bol), except Fridays (16.30), every day of the year. Catamaran only takes persons, cars are excluded.

If you plan to rent a car, one possibility is to rent it on the Split airport, or in Bol upon arrival.

Fly to Brac Island

In high season there are flights to the Brac Airport on Brac Island itself, which is less than 10km from Bol. These tend to come from Zagreb, the main Croatian city, early on a Saturday morning. There are also charter flights operating during the summer season from other European cities. Public transportation is not organized, but the taxi service is available.

With a car

Croatia has developed an extensive network of great highways in the last couple of years, so you can reach the Split harbor already in 4 hours after entering Croatia! The highway is payable upon leaving it, approx. 20 EUR for a normal family car from the entrance of Croatia to Split. From the highway exit, you will need another 25 minutes’ drive through Split town to reach the harbor.

Take a car ferry from Split to Supetar (a town on the Brac Island, 36 km from Bol), that services from 5.15 in the morning to 23.59 at night, almost every hour, so no need to rush there. The ride with the ferry to Supetar takes 50 minutes, costs 25 EUR for a car and 4 EUR per persons. From Supetar, continue driving for about 40 minutes to reach Bol.

With a boat or sailboat

You can also come here sailing while cruising the Mediterranean Sea. You can dock your boat in Bol harbor and walk to the Bol apartments (400 m).