Bol is a typical Mediterranean place with a lot of beautifully positioned restaurants by the sea. Unfortunately, most of them are not orientated towards quality, so it is even more important to get a tip from a local person, about where to find a local tavern without flashy marketing, but with exceptionally good food and friendly service. After all, you are not going out just to put something into your stomach; you are there to have a memorable experience, and the restaurant staff should have the same mindset. And don’t forget - the same old rule applies here: give people a big smile when you enter the venue saying “Dobar dan!” (Good day) and set the tone of your experience with the locals! Here are listed just a few of our favorites.


This is primarily a cocktail bar and dancing venue in the evening, but it is also an ideal place to start your day. There is nothing nicer than to get dressed up in the morning, walk to Varadero (5-7 minutes from our apartments), order a fresh orange juice, coffee latte and still warm croissant (if you are not having your breakfast at 11 am :)) and read some newspaper or just surf the internet (a free WiFi in Varadero like in all three cocktail bars in Bol). If you get hungry, you can grab a fresh “burek” (salty cheese pie) in the nearby bakery and continue to enjoy your coffee and admire the little fisherman’s boats parked near the Varadero. You will notice a lot of local people doing the same and their easy-going way of living, breathing and communicating will get under your skin too 🙂 First, then you will know, you are on holidays

Taverna Riva

This local restaurant is positioned in the center of Bol, directly near the promenade at the sea. There you will have a magnificent view, nice, friendly service and a great selection of local food. One of our favorites are locally prepared grilled lamb and fish with grilled vegetables and potatoes aside. They have a great selection of local wines, and, even more important, great desserts!

Restaurant Mali Raj (Little paradise)

Positioned very close to a Zlatni rat beach, it is however well hidden. When you enter the court of the restaurant, you feel the peace and serenity just by passing the garden in front of the tables. Stone house with covered terrace, big front yard, and a friendly staff is what you see at the beginning and your mood is instantly set to “I am going to enjoy this dinner here”. You just have to order their goat and sheep’s cheese plate as a starter and do continue with sea-fruits risotto, since it is delicious. Ask about the fresh fish, and if they have it, you will make a good decision ordering it. Pancakes with home-made marmalade are a great finish off a delicious dinner.

Tavern “Chicco”

Tavern “Chicco” is situated 5 km away, after a little village called “Murvica”. To get there, you will drive on a tiny little local road (sometimes macadam). You can rent a quad and drive there, it is a very funny experience! In the tavern, the owner serves freshly caught fish, lobsters, and shrimps, that he and his sons caught last evening, so this is your best call if you want to enjoy the best what the Adriatic sea has to offer and in the meantime experience the authentic Dalmatian atmosphere. Since they have an adorable little pebble beach under the restaurant, it is best to go there early afternoon, enjoy your swimming and sunbathing, and then just go to a dinner that you arranged before descending down to a beach. Don’t go there on the last day of your stay, since you will want to come at least one more time!

Gazul authentic restaurant

After turning to Vidova Mountain, driving 5 min to the east side of the island you will find the turning for Gazul, a little shepherd village with stone houses, situated in authentic Brac surroundings. In this way, you can experience the feeling and atmosphere of the island life since this is a real gem of an ancient shepherd village. Do call in advance and order authentic Brac specialties: lamb or octopus “ispod peke” (prepared under the pot in the shape of a bell, covered with the barbecue embers). Home-made wine, homemade brandy and delicious home-made desert will make this dinner a memorable one!

Restaurant Ranjak

Positioned just 5 km away from Supetar (and 35 km from Bol) near the local road from Supetar to Bol, this place is an oasis of peace, great love to detail and local specialties. Tables are positioned in the garden, under the olive trees, so you feel like Buddha having his revelations, especially when the waiter proposes to you their freshly prepared local specialties and chef’s recommendations. Everything here the family-owned restaurant staff prepares alone: Sage juice, sage brandy, cherry juice and stag brandy! It is best to order a plate of different antipasti, like sea-food salad (anchovies, marinated shrimps and domestic olive oil), bruschetta with the black olive spread, spinach and cheese pie, and then continue with some risotto or grilled fish. They got the prestigious reward for their olive oil, so ask if you can taste it, and if you like the taste (it is very intense and specific for Brac region) order few bottles to take home since in this way you will take a little of Dalmatia’s sun and health with you.